She was there. With Chet Baker at the Hotel Universo, Room 15, in Lucca, Italy, 1961.


But we soon found ourselves also turning backward, for the beautiful faces and songs that lift us forward onto new ground keep calling out to us as well, inciting us to rediscover and recover them in whatever new thing gets made. -Elaine Scarry


For this piece, I have included the Italian lyrics to Chetty’s Lullaby, released as a single in 1962.




Some lyrics from Chetty’s Lullaby (1962). Composed by Chet Baker, lyrics by Pino Maffei.
In the drawing, I am reading this passage from “Memory” by Adrienne Rich, 1979. It is from Rich’s A Wild Patience has Taken Me this Far (1981).

When I say hear, I mean follow a horn player through his ideas, and be able to understand those ideas in relation to the changes. -Chet Baker

Graphite, chalk, watercolour, ink, and lipstick on paper. 24″ x 36″. ©2017 Mary Khan. Original photograph which inspired my drawing: Chet Baker in Lucca, Italy, 1961, Archivo Cameraphoto Epoche.

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