Mary Books…Va Nager. Special Edition of La Vie Parisienne, July 24, 1926.

Mary Books was commissioned to illustrate the cover of the French men’s erotic magazine. She also wrote an article for the magazine championing the unmarried woman. Welcome to The Mary Books Project.

©2017 Mary Khan


©2017 Mary Khan
©2017 Mary Khan

The commission for the July 1926 cover of La Vie Parisienne (Special Edition) is taking Mary Books forever. She is happy though that the magazine has agreed to publish her critique on the institution of marriage as well as showcase her illustrative skills/legs.

©2017 Mary Khan
©2017 Mary Khan

Mary Books has been asked to design the July 1926 cover for a special issue of La Vie Parisienne “Mary Books Va Nager”. She is having some doubts about the project, but all press is good press.

Graphite, soft pastel, chalk, oil base pencil, India ink, printmaking paper. 15″ x 22″. ©2017 Mary Khan.

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