Erotic postcard of Mary Books from a silent film still, 1924.

He held her in his pocket, he held her in his hand. But his heart she was too small for. He had bigger, brighter visions she could never understand. -Excerpt from Girl in a Jar, Mary Books, 1922.

©2017 Mary Khan
©2017 Mary Khan

One of many erotic postcards of Mary Books. This one is a still from a silent short film she starred in while in Vienna in 1924. The film is based on a vignette she wrote in 1922. Surrealist in theme, it features a shrunken Mary who is spurned by her lover and put into a glass jar. Here she is shown kissing the glass with her last breath as her lover watches on. Realizing what he has done, he unscrews the lid as she passes out. But it is too late. With her last breath Mary turned into a butterfly and flew out of the jar. Welcome to The Mary Books Project.

Graphite and chalk on printmaking paper. 15″ x 22″. ©2017 Mary Khan

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