Storyboard for Girl in a Jar, 1924 by Mary Books.

unnamed-1unnamedunnamed-5unnamed-3unnamed-6.jpgAfter the shrunken Mary faints from being put into a sealed glass jar, her lover realizes what he has done. But it is too late. When he removes the lid, Mary has already turned into a butterfly. As she awakes to find herself with wings, she looks at her lover one last time before flying out of the jar and his life forever. Storyboard for Mary Books’ Girl in a Jar, 1922. The vignette was made into a silent film in Vienna in 1924. Mary designed the storyboards as well as starred in the film. Her illustrations became popular postcards. Welcome to the Mary Books Project.

Graphite, watercolour, chalk, and soft pastel on watercolour paper. 15″ x 22″. ©2017 Mary Khan

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