The Mary Books Project

October 1, 2017

Storyboard for Girl in a Jar by Mary Books, 1924.

Mary Books was there.

Dear Readers,

Please give a warm welcome to my longtime alter ego from 1920s Paris, Mary Books, into the “She was there” series. She is delighted to be participating in the project, in fact she feels Mary Books is really her own project.

Unlike myself, Mary Books relishes being in her time period, and has decided that if she time travels outside of the 20s backward to the Belle Époque or forward to the Cool Jazz era in Los Angeles and New York, she will remain in the dress and spirit of les Années folles.

The Mary Books Project is another permanent project of mine. And I have a feeling she and it will eclipse all others. Mary Books is a force to be reckoned with.

Mary Books is here.

Yours in drawing, painting, and poetry,

Mary K. and Mary B.

Mary Books lives in Paris.

She has been there since 1921.

She is a Canadian expatriate.

She writes poetry and prose.

She draws and paints.

She plays classical piano.

She listens to jazz.

She makes appearances in silent movies.

She socializes with artists and writers.

She attends weekly literary salons.

She visits bookstores.

She is adored and despised.

She is gifted and scandalous.

She wears the latest fashions.

She strongly believes in the erotic.

She has bobbed hair.

She spends time on the beach in summer.

She goes swimming.

She rides her bicycle in the countryside.

She cooks stews in winter.

She time travels before going to bed.

She enjoys a café au lait every morning.

She has a formidable sense of humour.

Mary Books lives in Paris.

She has been there since 1921.